The Regal Oaks

Dunn Loring, VA

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  • Maintenance Policies - Also referred to as Rules and Regulations. It describes the community maintenance standards. Updated March 2015
  • Architectural Policies - Describes the architectural standards of the community. It serves as a guideline for the Architectural Review Committee when it reviews Architectural Change Applications. Updated April 2013.
    • Architectural Change Application - Refer to the appendix of the Architectural Policies document. Use this architectural change application form if you'd like to make a change to the exterior of your home.
    • Exterior Paint Colors by Address - Refer to this paint chart which lists the approved exterior paint colors for each house in the neighborhood. It is also attached in the appendix of the Architectural Policies document.
    • Acceptable Fence/Deck Stains - The approved fence stains are listed by number. It is also attached in the appendix of the Architectural Policies document, but you can refer to this scanned image of the approved colors as a guide.

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